Daisy Girl Scout Honest & Fair Ideas

Daisy Girl Scout Yellow Petal: Friendly & Helpful

Daisy Honest & Fair Ideas

Daisy Helping Hand Packette from MakingFriends.com

Daisy Helping Hand Packette from MakingFriends.com

Teaching Daisy Girl Scouts to be helpful is easy. At this age, your girls will be eager to help. It makes them feel grown up and they will glow with pride when their helpfulness is acknowledged. Begin your meeting with one of our free printables shown below. The girls can color her page while waiting for the other girls to arrive.  After everyone is settled you can read the story about Sunny the Sunflower from your Daisy binder. Then play a game or do a craft such as making helping hands cards to leave behind at home after they have done something helpful. At future meetings, reinforce what the girls have leaned by giving them opportunities to be helpful such as handing out papers, collecting supplies, throwing out garbage and pushing in their chairs.


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